Operations plan for Summer 2021 – updated 6/9/2021

(subject to change as conditions warrant)  

Covid Safe Learning and Relaxation. That’s our goal for 2021. The public health outlook for summer 2021 appears to be trending in a hopeful direction.  Taking into account guidance from the State of Maine and industry best practices, we have plans in place to allow for fun and safe Retreat Center programming. 

With the safety of our customers, staff, and community paramount, we have developed a set of participant and staff practices for your time at Medomak.  Safety is the responsibility of all of us who will make up the Medomak community this summer. 

Why does everyone who comes to camp, or works at camp have to abide by our safety procedures?

Using examples from the summer of 2020, along with other seasonal businesses, we have developed a set of best practices. We have closely monitored guidelines from the CDC and the state of Maine so as to adjust our policies in a timely manner. What with the general availability of vaccines, coupled with our requirement for vaccination of all attending our retreats, we are confident that so long as we all practice additional measures such as wearing masks when indoors in large groups, as well as when off the retreat center site, we will all have a safe healthy experience at Medomak.



Vaccines are now readily available to all adults.  To absolutely limit the chance for transmission of the virus while at Medomak, we will require all participants and staff to be vaccinated prior to coming to camp. 

If I am fully vaccinated, why insist we follow all the other protocols?

Vaccines have been shown to be extremely effective in preventing severe disease. With all participants and staff being fully vaccinated, we believe we can now relax many of the more restrictive protocols. This decision, however, is predicated on all participants doing their part in maintaining Covid protocols to further lessen the risk to other participants, our staff, and to our local community. We will continue to expect all retreat participants and staff to observe all precautions outlined in our Covid practices.


The CDC indicates testing vaccinated individuals only if they present symptoms. Should a participant be symptomatic for COVID-19, Medomak will require testing of the participant. Should a positive test be confirmed, the participant will need to leave the Retreat Center. We are not equipped to provide medical treatment due to Covid.


Wearing masks helps prevent the spread of the virus. Masks will not be required outdoors. Masks will only be required for indoor, large group settings, such as meetings, lectures, and classes.  


Medomak is not equipped to offer medical treatment for Covid disease. So, if any participant tests positive, they will have to leave Medomak for the health and safety of the others on site. We are required to report any Covid exposures and track any potential spread.



Entering another participant’s cabin increases the risk of viral spread and is not permitted. Any maintenance or repairs needed during your stay will be completed without guests present, and staff will be properly masked.


Cabins will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival. We will be sure to be out of all cabins 18-24 hours prior to arrival of new guests.

Will you service cabins during our stay?

For the safety of our staff and the safety of our guests, we will not service cabins while the retreat is in session. Trash collection and linen exchange will be done on request.


 Dining will occur indoors in a well-ventilated dining hall. Outdoor dining will be available for those more comfortable eating outdoors.



Retreat Center programs and activities will be conducted to the extent that they can be done safely; social distancing and masking for larger groups may be required. Wherever possible, activities will be held outdoors or if indoors in open, well-ventilated spaces.



A non-refundable 5% deposit will be required to register your family and reserve a cabin.  50% of the remaining balance will be due May 1st, with the remaining balance due June 1st.  Registration after May 1st will require 50% of the balance to register.  After June 1st, payment in full will be required to register. 


Cancellations within 14 days of your arrival will result in a full credit applied toward a future stay at Medomak.  In the event Medomak must cancel a program, a full refund will be given.

Sorry, but Medomak cannot be responsible for nonrefundable airline tickets or other travel or indirect expenses associated with cancellations. 


A cash discount of 2.6% will be applied to payments made via check, or money order. 


The policies and procedures for the retreat center this summer make foremost the safety of our retreat participants and staff. It’s in everyone’s best interest to know what to expect in preparation for coming to Medomak. As an assurance, we will require as part of the registration process that each of our retreat participants along with any individuals who accompany the participant to sign a waiver agreeing to our procedures.

What happens if I or any member of my family does not comply with the provisions of the waiver I signed for myself and on behalf of members of my family?

If you or anyone who attends Medomak with you knowingly fails to comply with Medomak Covid policies and procedures, Medomak Retreat Center reserves the right to require that you and all members of your party leave the Retreat Center immediately with no refund.