Medomak Fiber Arts Retreat | July 22-28 & July 29-August 4, 2024

Come join us for a week of fiber-filled fun in beautiful mid-coast Maine. Whether you knit, crochet, spin, felt, dye, or weave, or if you’ve always wanted to learn how, this is the place for you! Enjoy the company of fellow fiber enthusiasts while you spin by the fireplace or knit in rocking chairs on the porch of our lodge. Work on a community weaving project throughout the week. Collect natural dyestuffs around camp and dye your own yarn and fiber. Most of all, relax

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Maine Astronomy Retreat (MARS) | September 2-8, 2024

Now Medomak is taking its growing reputation as a stargazing mecca to the next level. This summer, August 14-August 20, we’ll host a star party more geared toward adults and older children. You’ll be able to learn about astronomy and telescopes by day – and revel under our expansive dark skies at night. This fantastic and engaging program is led by J. Kelly Beatty (Sky & Telescope’s senior contributing editor) and veteran stargazer, researcher and telescope maker Bruce Berger (Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston)

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Feldenkrais Retreat | August 19-25,2024

Whether you are a student new to the Feldenkrais Method, a practitioner with years of experience, or someone who has always wanted to study but never had the time, join us for this unique experience-a Feldenkrais Retreat from August 19-25, 2024 at the picturesque Medomak Retreat Center. This retreat will focus on reconnecting with one’s natural abilities to think, move, and feel.

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Stiches Retreat | July 8-14,  July 15-21, August 5-11 and
August 12-18, 2024

I believe that few experiences in life cannot be made better by stitching. Truly… Whether you do it to escape, or you choose it as your avocation, stitching is a way to connect us to our ancestors, our community, and ourselves. The retreat is about stitching but ultimately they’re about connecting to others, about recognizing and acknowledging the humanity in all of us. Centering that knowledge, and taking it with you back out into the world.

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